Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Education ( B.ED.) K-12 in Health and Physical Education, University of Hawaii Physical Education instructor, Fenger High School, Chicago Board of Education English Literature teacher, Leo High School, CCHSA 

Mr. Letz

Upon graduation, Mr. Letz taught at Fenger High School for two years before moving to Leo for three years.  After five years of teaching, he had the opportunity to become a Union Pipe Fitter and decided to pursue that career for thirty-two years, retiring in December of 2012.  Within a month of retiring, he reactivated his teaching certificate and became a substitute teacher for Chicago Board of Education as well as St. Cajetan school. 

Mr. Letz is an active member of St. Cajetan Parish and has been for over thirty years.  His wife, Maribeth, attended and graduated from St. Cajetan as did his three sons.  "I feel very fortunate to be part of the faculty here.  Having the opportunity to travel around the city and substitute at various schools I realize what a good job the faculty does in preparing our students for the challenges of high school.  My goal is to show the students that exercise is not only beneficial but it can be fun and something you can participate in and enjoy for the rest of your life."