•  St. Cajetan Preschool Curriculum

    Our preschool students discover and refine their learning styles through a variety of techniques. We are aligned with the Illinois Early Learning Standards and the Archdiocese curriculum, with our goal being to provide an engaging learning environment where children feel safe and comfortable and where they can grow and learn, both academically and spiritually.
    Below is a snapshot of the academic goals for this school year. 

    Schedule Options

    • 3 half day preschool AM (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/ 7:45- 11:15)
    • 5 half day preschool AM (7:45- 11:15)
    • 3 full day preschool (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/ 7:45- 2:30)
    • 5 full day preschool (7:45- 2:30)


    • Big Day is our core Reading Curriculum
    • Develop the building blocks of reading by focusing heavily on alphabet recognition, letter sounds, and letter blending.
    • Enrich early literacy skills through our Fountas and Pinnell guided reading program.
    • Expose children to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres which are used to develop questioning and discussion techniques.
    • Develop writing skills through drawings, dictation and guided practice. 
    • Big Day is our core Math Curriculum
    • Learn about numbers, their names and their quantities, and be introduced to the concepts of addition, subtraction, estimation, measurement, and patterning using both standard and non-standard hands-on manipulatives.
    • Introduced to both two and three-dimensional shapes and figures.
    • Collect and analyze data using charts and graphs.
    • Use Question of the Day to build authentic discussion around mathematical thinking.
    • Participate in iReady Math, an online learning program that allows us to develop individualized learning plans unique to each student's needs
    • Participate in a wide variety of hands-on experiences that relate to Life, Physical and Earth Sciences.
    • Understand how technology and math are applied in the study of science.
    • Engage in group discussions and activities that develop observational skills, scientific inquiry and the ability to use information to form a hypothesis.
    Social Studies
    • Develop an understanding of personal uniqueness and appreciate the same in others.
    • Understand responsibility to family, class, school, community, and the world.
    • Explore the dynamics of a community and the different roles community members play.
    • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily.
    • Participate in daily prayer and religious teachings.
    • Understand and live the moral teachings of the Church.
    • Recognize and appreciate all God's creations. 



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