• St. Cajetan Band
    The mission of the St. Cajetan Band is to provide an opportunity for children to discover, explore and develop their musical talents through the study of wind and percussion instruments.  By joining the band, your child can develop musical skills, build confidence, practice self-discipline, and discover a love for music.

    Our band is led by one of the music teachers from Br. Rice high school.  The band presents two major performances each year - a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert for both the school and a general audience.  In addition, the senior band competes at the Catholic Band Contest in March of each year, and all students are encouraged to participate in the Solo and Ensemble Contest in February.

    Lesson Schedule
    Lessons are held in small groups arranged according to instrument and/or ability.  They are 30 minutes long and are given on Wednesdays during the school day.  A rotating schedule is used so that no student misses the same class time on a regular basis. 
    Senior Band
    Students who reach a certain level are asked to participate in the Senior Band.  This level is usually achieved after one year of musical study.  
    Home Practice
    Music is not an instant success. Patience and dedication are required. If students practice for at least 15 minutes four or five times a week, they should see positive results. Band members will receive a report to record their number of practice minutes, and parents are to sign this report each week before their child’s weekly lesson. 
    Tuition Rates
    Tuition rates are set yearly by the band instructor and will be communicated through the band literature. 
    The method book for Beginning Band students costs under $15 and typically lasts the entire year. 
    The band does not provide instruments.  The student is responsible for obtaining a quality instrument in good working condition.  It is recommended that parents rent an instrument on a trial basis in order to determine their child’s interest and aptitude.  Instruments obtained in other manners are acceptable, but the band director must first approve the instrument.