• Technology

    Technology is key to the success of our students, and at St. Cajetan, we embrace this by incorporating it into the learning curriculum and providing current and relevant tools for our students and teachers. St. Cajetan has invested in a dedicated IT support staff, high-speed Internet, upgraded Wi-Fi throughout the school campus, and a skilled computer teacher, in addition to the tools listed below.

    Technology Class: 
    Students are immersed in digital skills throughout their time here at St. Cajetan. Students in Grades PK-8 attend Technology on a weekly basis, students in Jr. High attend twice per week. Students learn about Digital Citizenship, technology vocabulary, Google Apps for Education, coding, robotics, and typing skills. 
    All classrooms are equipped with: 
    • Teacher Laptop and Chromebook 
    • Interactive Smart Panel 
    • Grades 2-8 1:1 Chromebooks 
    • Grades K-1 Classroom iPads

    Jr. High Students:

    Our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative was launched in 2017 for students in Grades 6-8.  Every student in Jr. High receives a Chromebook at the start of their 6th grade school year. Teachers in Jr. High are trained in Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education and focus on using the devices within the classroom. St. Cajetan has implemented a rent to own model, meaning students who rent devices beginning in the 6th grade will own those devices when they graduate.  

    Technology Lab:

    • Touch Screen Chromebooks 
    • Dash Robots 
    • iPads
    • Interactive Viewsonic 
    • 3 Additional Large Screen Monitors




Tech Lab
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