• Resource and RTI

    The Resource program at St. Cajetan is designed to provide intensive, one on one or small group, remediation to students needing additional academic support. Once data is reviewed, individual remediation plans are created by the Resource team. These plans are reviewed monthly, progress is measured and adjustments are made to assure academic growth is occurring. If progress is not evident for a student, even after accommodations have been applied, the resource team may recommend an ICEP, Individualized Catholic Educational Plan, for the student. This plan will dive deeper into deficit areas and provide accommodations for the student that can be made during Resource and within the classroom with the regular education teacher. These plans are formally reviewed yearly with the parent, current teachers and Resource team.
    Response to Intervention (RTI)

    All students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade particiapte in our Dibels and BAS reading assessments.  This program assesses word phonemic awareness, reading fluency and comprehension skills.  The students are tested three times throughout the year and the data collected provides information regarding students who may need more rigorous content and those who need additional support.  Due to our commitment to academic growth for all students, individual remediation plans are created and supplemental resource instruction begins immediately. Progress is monitored weekly and instructional practices are adjusted to allow for optimal performance.