• Home Learning Week 3        

    A message to my students: I am so proud of you for being hard workers, helpers, and peacemakers! I am putting scoops into our Peace Jar every day for you! Last week, we talked about trying to have patience. It is so hard sometimes, especially when we are really looking forward to something. Maybe you feel a little disappointed that we can't be together at school. I feel disappointed, too. The word disappointed means a sad feeling you get when something doesn't turn out the way that you want. It is ok to feel disappointed. It is also good to do something to make us feel better when we feel disappointed! When I was feeling disappointed about not being able to go to school, I decided to leave YOU a message. And that definitely made me feel better! I miss you so much, but I sure do love to see your pictures and videos! Keep being superhero peacemakers! Love, Mrs.O'Malley

    Tuesday, March 31st, 2020  

    *Morning Prayer

    *Calendar and Weather Routine 

    *Letter of the Day: Bb

    • B is for Ben and Bridey and Brookie!
    • Draw a picture for our friends Ben, Bridey, and Brookie today!
    • List words that begin with Bb; almost kindergartners copy those words, too!
    • Print B and b. Draw pictures of Bb words
    • Practice the Alphabet in Sign Language! We do this in school and the children love it! Click here for helping them practice: Sign Language Alphabet

     *A Sesame Street Lesson:  Word of the Day: Disappointed   (lesson for the week) Please focus on positive things we can do when we feel disappointed.


    • Let's see the letter of the day! Be sure to draw and share some pictures of your friends who start with the letter B
    • Bear: Draw and decorate a Bear to hang in your window! Mrs. O'Malley will be going on a Bear Hunt when she takes her walks!

    *On-line Song and Activity: We're Going on a Bear Hunt  Find your favorite teddy bear and get ready for a fun bear hunt! Sit down, criss-cross applesauce, tap your legs with your hands as the song gets started and during the chorus. Move your body to act out the Bear Hunt!

    *Self-help and Fine Motor Practice: B is for Button...Do you have a coat or shirt your child can use to practice buttoning? This is such great practice for strengthening those small finger muscles. And it's great practice for hand-eye coordination, too!

    *Down Time: Cosmic Kids Yoga for Positive Thinking Take time to breathe, relax, and get some positive feelings going. This can be broken up into shorter sessions throughout the week.

    *Share your pictures and videos to stay connected on our classroom Facebook page*

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