• Home Learning Week 10        

    We did it! I am so proud of us! Get ready for some fun this week!

     May 28

    Be sure to check out our slideshow: Mrs. O'Malley's Preschool Class 2020 


    Take some time to work with your child on a Memory Book to make their portfolio complete! Click here: Preschool Memory Book 

    Butterfly Metamorphosis We are still waiting for our buttterflies to emerge!

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    *On-line Story: Time To Come In Bear  A sweet, short story about the current circumstances and the importance of staying home. It is good to talk about STAYING SAFE AT HOME. I am going to leave this up for a nice reminder.

    *A Sesame Street Lesson: Sesame Street and CNN ~ COVID 19 ~ Town Hall Our favorite beloved friends from Sesame Street along with children from all over the world appear to be in a video chat with experts including Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The characters and children ask questions about the virus and we learn the answers from the experts. This is handled in a thoughtful and developmentally-appropriate manner. I highly recommend watching this program WITH your children to help facilitate difficult conversations. In a world of unknowns, this episode is helpful AND hopeful. As expected, even in this difficult situation, it sends a message encouraging kindness, love, mindfulness, and peacefulness. Remember, we're all in this together!              

Preschool Polar Plungers!