• Jr. High Curriculum (6th-8th)

    Through a wide variety of learning techniques, students discover, explore and refine their learning styles. Our work in the classroom aligns with the Common Core State Standards and the Archdiocesan curriculum and challenges our students to push beyond their expectations. Our goal is to provide an engaging, hands-on learning environment where students can grow both academically and spiritually.

    Below is a snapshot of the academic goals our students will be focusing on during the current school year.  


    • Read a variety of fictional and informational genres that integrate cultural and historical awareness.
    • Participate in novel studies and small group literature circles using novels downloaded onto electronic readers.
    • Interact with Common Core aligned text to make inferences using textual evidence, investigate plot development, interact with the use of various literary elements, and analyze the development of themes.
    • Participate in Battle of the Books, an interactive reading competition.
    • Explore and compose various genres of writing including persuasive, narrative, expository and research papers. 


    • Practice operational fluency, engage in algebraic thinking, and develop problem-solving strategies aligned to the Common Core standards.
    • Engage in lessons related to real-world situations that require the use of integers, inequalities, proportions, percents, statistics and geometry.
    • Work individually and cooperatively to solve mathematical problems by reasoning abstractly and quantitatively and then constructing viable arguments to provide evidence.
    • Use classroom technology programs, such as Mathletics and Accelerated Math, to individualize instruction.


    • Focus on the study of Chemistry and Physical Science, specifically the structure and properties of matter, interaction of energy and matter, and the chemical reaction of matter (7th).
    • Focus on the study of Life Sciences, specifically the structure and function of organisms, heredity and reproduction and interdependence within ecosystems (8th). 
    • Participate in hands-on STEM activities which incorporate engineering practices and interaction with technology.
    • Engage in small group discourse that develops observational skills, scientific inquiry and the ability to use information to form a hypothesis.

    Social Studies

    • Study the Illinois and United States Constitutions using a variety of multimedia tools including web streaming and video clips,
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the political, social and economic systems within the United States.
    • Deepen students' knowledge of world geography through the use of interactive technology
    • Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of the United States and other nations and represent that through creative projects.
    • Participate in News Bowl, an online, interactive game that focuses on current events.
    • Read Scholastic News Weekly Reader to engage in authentic discussions and debates around current events.


    • Attend mass each Monday morning and subsequently pray the rosary.
    • Interact with text to gain a deeper understanding of the four marks of the Church and the growth of Christianity from past to present.
    • Use supportive text to preview and discuss the Sunday Gospel.
    • Participate in service hours and reflective journaling. 

    English/Langauge Arts

    • Focus on proper grammar usage and rules that apply the English Language.
    • Identify and correctly use the eight parts of speech and investigate their role in different sentences.
    • Compose various genres of writing including narrative, expository, and descriptive.
    • Write and execute speeches.
    • Participate in various essay contests.
    • Create, share, and publish original short stories.
    • Research and construct 6-9 page research paper.Attend mass each Monday morning and subsequently pray the rosary. 
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