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    This year will be a fun-filled adventure
    in learning! 
    *Specials Schedule*
    Monday: Technology 8:50-9:35
    Tuesday: Art 8:50-9:35
    Wednesday: 8:30 Mass & SEL/Music 9:35-10:20
    Thursday: Spanish 8:50-9:35
    Friday: Gym 9:35-10:20


    *Behavior Policy*
     Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

    This year we will be integrating a new school-wide behavioral intervention plan. This plan will be based on a point system.  Each student in our school will begin the month with 30 points. Students will lose a point for the following:

    ·         incorrect uniform

    ·         disrespect to teachers/staff

    ·         physical peer interactions (pushing, shoving)

    ·         negative peer interactions (tattling, excluding others, bullying)

    ·         disrespectful behavior in all areas of the school (church, specials, bathroom, lunchroom, playground)

    Students must maintain 25 points to be able to participate in the monthly incentive. Please see the handbook for further information.


    Monthly incentives:













    Kennedy Park Day

    October 4th

    Donut Day

    November 8th

    Game Day

    Dec. 6th

    Movie Day/ Pajamas

    Dec. 20th

    CSW field trip


    Pizza Day

    March 13th

    Sundae Bar

    April 24th

    Fun Fair


    School Picnic




     Behavior Chart

    A strong self-discipline cycle will be used this year with the third graders.  It is designed for the students to model and reward positive behavior as well as redirect inappropriate behavior.  This disciplinary plan will be strictly enforced.  Rewards will be given for positive behavior. Encourage your children to follow directions, complete assignments on time, ask questions, and practice basic courtesy skills.  Let them know that there are reasons for rules and consequences for not following them.


    This year we will be using a new color system that will reward students for going above and beyond classroom expectations. Students will begin each day in the green section. The green section is expected behaviors/ready to learn. After a verbal warning, students will have to move their clip to yellow. A point will not be deducted for this. If the behavior continues, students will move their clip to red and lose a point immediately. Should a student end in the red section for the day a “stop and think” note will be sent home with your child explaining the behavior and a section for your child to explain how they can improve on their behavior. 5 stop and think cards per trimester will result in a detention. If a student behavior improves during the day they will have the opportunity to move their clip up a level. When positive classroom behavior is modeled, students will be able to move to teal on the behavior chart. If they are exhibiting excellent behavior they can move even further up on the chart to purple.

    The 3rd graders also have personal sticker charts on their lockers. Students earn stickers for positive behaviors throughout the day. They also earn stickers for staying on green or moving to teal or purple. Once students fill up their charts they will be given an option of several different rewards.

    *Homework Policy* 
    Any missing assignment will result in a homework notice. The homework notice MUST be signed by a parent and the COMPLETED assignment returned to school the next day. Five missing or late assignments per trimester will result in a homework detention. 
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