• Saint Cajetan Athletic Committee

    The St. Cajetan Athletic Committee is responsible for developing and promoting a variety of athletic opportunities for our students. The Committee is made up of 14 members - there is one open meeting per year and interested parties are invited to attend. The Committee sponsors football, cheerleading and boys & girls teams for soccer, volleyball, basketball and golf.

    St. Cajetan Warriors have opportunities to participate in sports year round, competing in a variety of leagues and tournaments. Sponsored athletics include:

    • Little Warriors Volleyball 1st - 3rd grade
    • Little Warriors Basketball 1st -3rd grade
    • Girls and Boys Running Club 1st -8th grade
    • Football for Boys 4th-8th grade
    • Cheerleading Girls 4th-8th grade
    • Soccer Boys and Girls K-8th grade
    • Volleyball Boys and Girls 4th-8th grade
    • Basketball Boys and Girls 3rd-8th grade
    • Golf Boys and Girls 8th grade
    Saint Cajetan Athletic Committee Mission Statement

    We, as volunteer staff, parents, athletes and fans, seek to compete with a level of character, intensity, enthusiasm, integrity and sportsmanship that is consistent with our Christian faith. It is our goal that each student athlete will have learned and exhibited a higher degree of skill acquisition, fitness, and sportsmanship, while learning respect for teammates, opponents, and officials.

    Sports have, in themselves, an important moral and educative significance: they are a training ground of virtue, a school of inner balance and outer control, an introduction to more true and lasting conquests.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Pope John Paul II