• Welcome to the Technology Lab! 

    Technology Curriculum: All of our lessons will be based off of the Illinois State Technology Plan for Digital Learners. We will focus on creating innovative designers, computational thinkers, knowledge constructors, creative commmunicators, empowered learners, and global collaborators. 

    K-2: Students in kindergarten through second grade will be acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students will learn to change font sizes, styles, and colors. Students will also learn how to insert, size, and position clipart/images. Finally, students will explore their creativity using a variety of art programs.

    3-5: Students in third through fifth grade will concentrate on refining their keyboarding skills and increasing their speed and accuracy. They will also explore the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Students will continue to develop their visual coding skills as well as learn additional coding langauges. 

    6-8: Students in six through eighth grade wil be using 1:1 Chromebooks throughout the school year. We will be focusing on transferring the skills developed in previous years to these devices. We will pay specific attention to G-Suite for Education. 

    Digital Citizenship: With tehcnology becoming more ingrained in our culture the importance of Digital Citizenship cannot be overstated. So many tasks involve the use of technology, it is our duty to teach the elements of digital citizenry so that students are prepared and knowledgeable about expectations of learning and working in a digital world. 

    Keyboarding: Students in grades K-8 will all learn and practice proper keyboarding skills. Keyboarding instructions instills more confiedence and less frustration, fosters digital literacy, accerlates performance on standardized tests, boosts creative thought, and advances language arts skills.