• St. Cajetan Tuition

    We know that a catholic education is a substantial sacrifice for most families, but we are confident that the benefit far outweighs the cost. Parents make their tuition payments online using the Smart Tuition program. The tuition rates for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:
    Tuition Costs for 2023-2024 School Year
     K-8th Grade Tuition                                                          Preschool Tuition &  Preschool Fees (one child)
     One Child  $6,050         5 Day Full $6,050    $240  
     Two Children  $9,995    3 Day Full $3,750    $200  
     Three Children  $12,995    5 Day 1/2 $3,575    $215  
     Four Children  $15,225    3 Day 1/2 $2,655    $190  
    K-8th Grade Fees
    Computer Fee:  $100 (per student)
    The computer fee not only assists with the cost of the Technology position, but it also supplements the cost of maintaining the infrastructure, internet and provider costs, school-wide devices, technology systems, and SBTC monthly consultant costs. 
    Chromebook Fee: $145 (per student Gr 6-8)
    Book Fee:  $240 (per student)
    This fee is used to purchase the textbooks/programs the student will use during the school year.
    Curriculum Fee:  $100 (per family)
    The Curriculum fee is used to off set the cost of our professional development, training and school-wide programming (Mathematics, Accelerated Math, etc)
    Lunch Fee:  $90 (per family)
    The lunch fee is used to pay the teachers/staff members that work during the lunch periods.
    Tuition Waiver Program:  $90 (per family)
    In the event of the death of a parent or legal guardian and in correlation with financial hardship, the Tuition Waiver Program will provide tuition for children currently enrolled in the Program for the balance of their education at St. Cajetan School. 
    Non-Catholic students/non-Catholic families and non-parishioner families (at the time of registration) will be assessed an additional $500.00 for tuition due to the fact that contributions to Sunday collections, which generate funds for the parish subsidiary, will not be expected. In exchange for a subsidy from St Cajetan Parish, the parent must fulfill obligations of parish membership by regularly attending Mass, using Sunday offertory envelopes, and participating in parish activities.