Please take a look at our 4th Grade "Homework Document" for information on daily homework assignments! This document will be used for both 4th Grade classrooms.

    Homework Document

    Assignment Expectations

    All assignments should be completed in pencil. Students will be expected to write their first & last name (in cursive), number, and date on all homework and classwork assignments! In addition, students are expected to use neat penmanship, correct punctuation/capitalization, and accurate spelling on all assignments! Accurate spelling includes being able to spell grade level words correctly. Students are expected to respond to all Reading, Religion, and Social Studies questions using a complete sentence. Students are expected to show their work for all Math and Science problems. 
    If a student does not meet these requirements, two percent will be deducted from the assignment grade.   

    Homework Passes

    Students are not able to use homework passes on projects, take home assessments, or guided reading!

    Missing Homework

    If students do not turn their homework in by the assigned due date, they will lose a Dojo point. Missing homework will be recorded on PowerSchool as a zero and marked as "missing" until it is turned in. Missing assignments are due by Friday of each week. If a student does not turn in their missing assignments by the end of the week, they will stay after school on Friday to complete their work. If students lose 3 homework points in one month, they will attend Friday Reflection from 2:30-3:15. Missing homework points will be reset at the end of each month! 

    Late Homework

    Late work is accepted! If an assignment is turned in late, students will lose 10% of that grade.

    Assignment and Assessment Corrections

    Students have the opportunity to complete corrections on Math assignments & assessments. This does not include cumulative exams! Starting trimester 3, students will not be able to complete corrections for any other subjects. 

    Students are able to complete corrections (for Math) in an effort to receive a higher grade! Students who submit correct corrections will receive 0.5 points back for every 1 point lost. For example, if a student incorrectly answers a 1 point question and submits corrections, they are able to receive +0.5 points back. If they incorrectly answer a 2 point question and submit corrections, they are able to receive +1 point, and so on. 

    Corrections take place after school on Fridays from 2:30-3:15 in Room 201! Please send your child's homeroom teacher an email if you are interested in signing them up. Corrections must be completed within one week of the assignment being returned.

    When completing corrections, the original assignment should not be modified! All corrections should be completed on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to the back of the original assignment. Only incorrect answers need to be corrected! Both the original assignment and the corrections should be turned in together.

    Assignment Weights

    Homework = 10%

    Classwork = 20%

    Quizzes/Projects = 30%

    Tests = 40%

    Academic Achievement

    99-100% = A+ 

    95-98% = A

    93-94% = A-

    91-92% = B+

    87-90% = B

    85-86% = B-

    83-84% = C+

    79-82% = C

    77-78% = C-

    75-76% = D+

    71-74% = D

    69-70% = D-

    68% and Below = F

    S = Satisfactory

    I = Improving

    N = Needs Improvement

    U = Unsatisfactory 

    Letter Grades

    A = Outstanding

    B = Excellent

    C = Good

    D = Poor

    F = Very Poor