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    We use the online interactive behavior system Class Dojo to enforce our behavior policy. Students earn points for positive behavior! In addition, students may lose points for inappropriate behavior. Whole class and negative individual student points will reset at the beginning of each month. Positive individual student points will carry over to the next month!

    Please download and use the Dojo App to join their child’s homeroom teacher’s class. After joining their class, they will be able to see when their child earns or loses points. 

    Please click the following link to join our class: https://www.classdojo.com/ul/p/addKid?target=class&class=CVQUHAZ 


    How to Earn Points:

    Students will receive points for behaviors such as:

    Helping Others

    Working Hard

    Staying in Workspace

    Being On Task

    Showing Kindness

    Showing Positivity


    Following Safety Rules

    Following Class Expectations


    How to Lose Points:

    Students will lose one point for the following behaviors found in the Handbook:

    Disrespectful behavior towards the staff or classmates

    Interrupting the teacher or classmates

    Leaving your learning area/ classroom without permission

    Pushing and shoving

    Chewing gum

    Uniform referral

    Being unprepared for class

    Throwing minor items

    Minor damage of property (zero cost)

    Shouting out 


    Touching others

    Missing Homework

    Running in the hallway or classroom



    Students will lose three points and receive an automatic detention for the following behaviors:

    Repetitive threats of violence

    Battery/ Fighting (minor injury)

    Throwing desks or chairs

    Bullying or Cyberbullying

    Cheating/ Plagiarism

    Repetitive use of obscene language / gestures

    Stealing or defacing school property or the property of others (cost)

    Repetitive disrespect towards staff or classmates

    Use of sexual language or gestures

    Cell phone use during the school day



    Whole Class Rewards:

    If the whole class receives a total number of points determined by the teacher by the end of the month, the whole class will participate in a monthly behavior incentive activity (i.e. movie day, donut day, etc.).


    Individual Rewards:

    Students can redeem their points for various school prizes!


    Individual Consequences:

    Loss of points fall under three categories: Classroom Readiness, Homework Completion, and Behavior. Once a student has lost three points in one category, they will attend an after school Friday Reflection 2:30-3:15. Negative points will reset at the end of each month!

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