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    Students will complete & pass 2 Reading iReady lessons during Centers (during school) each week! Students are expected to complete & pass 2 Math iReady lessons for HOMEWORK every week. Usernames and passwords can be found on the inside cover of your child's assignment notebook. Lessons are due on Sunday by 11:59 pm!



    Students who do not complete their weekly lessons lose a homework Dojo point. Students will receive a classwork grade for Reading lessons and a homework grade for Math lessons!


    2 Passed Lessons = 100%

    0-1 Passed Lessons = 0%


    Students will receive a 0 on PowerSchool until the assignment is fully completed. Students will lose 10% for each day the assignment is late. For example, if a student completes 1 lesson the assignment is incomplete and they will receive a 0. If they complete the second lesson two days late, they will receive an 80%.