• School Advisory Board 

    Advisory Board Responsibilities                              

    By its very nature, the board advises the pastor and principal. It is accountable to the pastor and to the principal in its operation. It agrees to follow the policies and administrative procedures of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools. Members agree to use their talents, gifts and insights for the common good of the community to promote the mission and goals of Catholic education. The authority of the parish school advisory board shall be determined by the pastor. The school requests that each member of the School Advisory Board serve a 3-year term. If you have interest in serving the school in a School Advisory Board capacity, please contact the Pastor or Principal.

    Any parent wishing to address the School Advisory Board must call or email the president one (1) week prior to the board meeting in order to be placed on the agenda. The School Advisory Board generally conducts its meetings on the third Monday of each month. Please check the school calendar for dates and times.  


    Current Board Members:

    Pastor- Reverend Steven Dombrowski-  sdombrowski@cajetan.org

    Principal- Michelle Nitsche- mnitsche@cajetan.org

    President- Colleen Kozubowski

    Vice President- Jayne Corcoran

    Secretary- Melissa Schumacher

    Tim Fitzgibbon

    Joe Kenney

    Pat O'Brien

    Jerry O'Sullivan

    Susie Schultz