• Procedures for Addressing the Board

    Appearance before the Advisory Board

    Any parent of a student at the School, parishioner of the Church, or member of an organization or group of the Church (a “Visitor”) may address the Advisory Board. In order to address the Board, you will need to contact Principal Nitsche at mnitsche@cajetan.org one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Your concern/discussion topic will then be placed on the agenda. Each visitor addressing the Advisory Board shall be limited to five minutes for making comments. In accordance with Archdiocese Rules, the Advisory Board shall not be obligated to debate or respond to any comments raised by such visitor but instead may opt to take such comments under advisement.
    Procedures for Executive Session
    The Advisory Board may convene a meeting in Executive Session to address sensitive issues that may not necessarily be shared with the public including but not limited to: the final selection of a principal hired to fill a vacancy, resignation or removal of a board member, or other topics that are part of the Advisory Board’s responsibilities.
    Procedures for Calling Executive
    The Pastor, the Principal and/or any Voting Member of the Advisory Board may call for the Advisory Board to convene to executive session upon conclusion of any regularly scheduled meeting of the Advisory Board by notifying the President and/or the Principal prior to the distribution of the agenda for the regularly scheduled meeting of the Advisory Board.
    Attendance in an Executive Session
    Executive session shall be limited to only the Pastor, the Principal, and all Voting Members of the Advisory Board. Executive session shall be closed to the public, and any other individuals shall be excluded from executive session. At the discretion of the Pastor, the Principal may be excluded from Executive Session for issues including but not limited to review of the performance of the principal. Notwithstanding, the Pastor, the Principal and/or the President, in his or her sole discretion, may invite any individual(s) to attend an executive session.