• St. Cajetan Girl's Running Club 

    April- May
    1st- 8th grade girls
    About Running Club:  
    Join us to explore life in the Running world.  You’ll learn proper stretching and breathing techniques and proper running form. Enjoy the benefits of running while having fun and making friends!  You need not be a great athlete to participate.  This club serves as an excellent cross training advantage for other sports.  We will prepare 1st and 2nd Graders to run a 1 mile race and 3rd-8th Graders to run a 5K (3 mile race) if they are comfortable.  Please note, we expect children to try their best and run in this club. 

    We will provide more information during the program for the Team Meet & the Ridge Run, (both held in May). Both events will require a separate sign-up & separate fee (fee is for the Ridge Run and not the Team Meet).

    Training sessions will take place at Kennedy Park. 

    2015 Results:

    We had a number of students and parents place in their age groups.  The following Warriors finished in the top three for their age group: 
    • Meara Tolley:          FIRST in the 10K for girls age 11-14 with a time of 1:01:16
    • Meghan Swanson:  THIRD in the 5K for girls 9-11 with at time of 27:06