• Preschool students will focus on learning the sounds of different instruments, how to move to different rhythms and tempos, and practice percussion instruments. They recently even made their own instruments - kazoos!

    Our Kindergarten students will begin exploring the characteristics of different genres of music, in addition to playing the percussion instruments in the classroom. They will also get creative with drawing to instrumental music and learn about how different combinations of notes can make us think and respond differently to songs! 

    1st and 2nd grade students will be learning basic music vocabulary in order to begin creatively analyzing musical pieces from a variety of genres. They will explore the moods of instrumental pieces and how musical notes can convey a mood of their own - even without lyrics! The students will also learn about basic music notation and how melodies are constructed with notes and rests. 

    Our 3rd and 4th grade students will receive instruction pertaining to music vocabulary at an intermediate level. They will also be learning about song structure and composition, the songwriting process, and the purpose of music in media - such as film soundtracks and commercials. 

    Our 5th grade students will focus on the poetic aspects of music by completing lyrical analyses. They will also learn about the songwriting process (advanced level), conduct close reading exercises with songs, and learn about the art and importance of recorded music - particularly the significance of "the album." 

    The Jr. High Students (6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade) will have their music curriculum geared towards "Music Appreciation" and "Music Theory." While they will learn advanced music vocabulary, they will also receive instruction on the historical significance of music making social statements, marketing with music, and the impact of technology on the music industry.