• Attention 8th Grade Parents: 

    High School Scholarships: Please review the four following scholarship opportunities for your 8th grade students. These scholarships often provide the support that allows students to attend a Catholic high school.

    They are as follows:
    (1) Daniel Murphy: 
    • Applications available now
    • Deadline: Friday, October 28, 2016
    (2) High Sight: http://www.highsight.org/
    • Applications available: Monday, January 16, 2017
    • Deadline: Friday, February 24, 2017

    (3) LINK Unlimited (for African American students only): http://linkunlimited.org/web/prospective-scholars/

    • Applications available now
    • Deadline: Friday, November 18, 2016

    (4) HFS Chicago Scholars: http://www.hfschicagoscholars.com/application-guidelines

    • Applications available now
    • Deadline: Tuesday, November 15, 2016
    Dear Parents and Students:

    I am very excited to be moving up to an 8th Grade Homeroom.  I am also super excited to have many of my 7th graders again in homeroom.  This will be a new and challenging journey and I couldn't have asked for a better class to share this experience with.  While many of the Jr. High routines will be much the same, there are some 8th grade specifics that will be incorporated this year.  Stay tuned to the website for announcements throughout the summer and beginning of the school year.

    Again this year, grades will be posted on the Powerschool website. If you do not remember your user name or password, please contact the office as soon as possible. I do not have access to that information. Please check your grades on a regular basis. I return assignments as soon as I have them graded. The grading scale is posted on the Powerschool site. This year grades will be updated every 3 weeks. Because they are readily available at all times, there will be no official progress report.  As a general rule, I normally post grades and update them once a week usually on Friday.

    Homework will be posted on this site every night under the 209 Homework tab.  If I am told what the homework is in other classes, I will post that as well.  However, I am not responsible if there are any mistakes in the posting of homework for classes that I do not teach. You need to check the websites of the other teachers.  Students are still responsible for copying down assignments in class before
    leaving for the day. We write down the assignments each day on a homework board. This ensures that students will bring home the necessary books.