• St. Cajetan Alumni Speak...

    “I moved into St. Cajetan Parish in 1953 and have lived here my entire life.  The great Christian values and fantastic education have served me well.  My mother taught at Cajetan for over twenty years, and over thirty of my immediate family members are graduates of St. Cajetan School.  I have been blessed with a career that has taken me many places and has introduced me to many many people.  I can honestly say that there are no finer people in this world than the great people of St. Cajetan Parish.  I have always told my children and their friends that ‘one should never trust a person who has no friends from grammar school’.  My very best friendships started back at St. Cajetan, and I consider myself blessed to call this great parish home.” 
    - Jim “Skinny” Sheahan; Director of Special Olympics Chicago; Chicago, IL; Class of 1960 
    "My parents' decision to move to St. Cajetan when I was seven years old is simply the best thing that ever happened to me. I learned here the values of a Catholic education, the importance of family, friendships, and community. I've lived in the neighborhood my entire life, my very best friends are some of my 1960 classmates, and I'm confident, as great as St. Cajetan has been, it's best days are still to come."  
     - Ed Maloney; Former State of Illinois Senator; Chicago, IL; Class of 1960 

    “The friendships I formed at St. Cajetan are what I treasure most.  At our 40th year reunion there were people I hadn’t seen in twenty years, some as long as thirty years, yet like long lost brothers and sisters, we picked up right where we left off.  But I think, more than anything, what I learned at St. Cajetan is to laugh and laugh and laugh… a quality as important as any in life.  Warriors Forever!” 

    - Phil Carlin; Transportation Director: ABC Studios & Walt Disney Studios; Burbank, CA;  Class of 1974

    “If it wasn’t for St. Cajetan Church and grade school, I’m not sure I would be a priest today!  I stand utterly grateful to God for putting St. Cajetan into my life.  The teachers, Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa, and the parish priests were instrumental in my vocational discernment.  The foundation of my faith, which I received from my parents, was further formed when I was a student at St. Cajetan. I celebrated my fist mass at St. Cajetan on May 23, 1993.  There is no better parish and school on the south side!”

    -Fr. Thomas J. Hurley; Pastor of Old St. Patrick Church; Chicago, IL; Class of 1981

    “I’m choosing Catholic Education for my children because of my wonderful experiences at St. Cajetan.”

    -Susan Lakawitch Doyle; Mom of Four; Palos Heights, IL; Class of 1993

    “My St. Cajetan education provided me with the solid academic foundation and Christian values to succeed at the next levels of high school and college.  Some of my best friends today are the result of relationships built in my grade school years.”

    -Tom Smiles; Director of Engineering:  A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc.; Chicago, IL; Class of 1974

    “My first time in front of an audience was at St. Cajetan in Memorial Hall during a Christmas Pageant.  I was told to sing a solo version of Silent Night. I remember being so scared I could barely read the words.  But I got through it and it was on that day at St. Cajetan I discovered what I wanted to do. I went on to Marist High School, UIC, and eventually The Second City. I currently live in Los Angeles and have appeared in over 100 film and TV Shows. Thank You, Sisters!”

    - Mike Hagerty; Actor; Los Angeles, CA; Class of 1968 

    "My wife and I went to St. Cajetan, as well as my parents and her parents.  The sense of community and pride in this parish is outstanding.  There is an amazing sense of connection and neighborhood roots.  It has been one of the easiest decisions of my life to stay put and 'grow where I was planted'.  St. Cajetan Church has always been a place to call home for me."

    -Dr. Robert J. Fitzpatrick, DDS; Dentist; Chicago, IL; Father of 3 Current Warriors & Class of 1993

    “I moved halfway across the country and I now appreciate how lucky I was to go to a school so steeped in community.  How many people get to go to a school where their grandmother and aunt taught, their dad attended, and there are six cousins in the student body?”

    -Claire Sheahan; D.C. Healthcare Communications Consultant; Washington, DC; Class of 1990 

    “At St. Cajetan, students are taught to be respectful and compassionate.  Emphasis is placed not only on academic achievement, but on moral and spiritual growth. Attending St. Cajetan has left me with a lifelong foundation for career, family, and faith.”

    - Carolyn O’Connor Dunleavy; Elementary Teacher; Oak Lawn, IL; Class of 1994

    “I’m a class of 1966 alum and continued my Catholic education at Marist HS and then St. Norbert College. My St. Cajetan experience gained me lifelong friends and helped keep me grounded in my Catholic faith. I got in the same business as my dad – Tom “Insurance” Walsh and have been fortunate to continue to build on his success.   I remain connected to the St. Cajetan community through our extended family still in the parish – and am appreciative of the great life lessons and values I learned as a St. Cajetan Warrior!  

    - Tom Walsh; President of TW Group Insurance & Financial Services; Downers Grove, IL; Class of 1966

     "My start at St. Cajetan has continually shaped me and kept me rooted in traditions of faith, family, and community.  The academics prepared me for high school, college, and medical school, and I consider myself a person who thinks deeply and loves faithfully.  My confidence in St. Cajetan is so strong, my husband and I now send our children there."

    - Dr. Moira McQuillan McGee M.D.; Family Practice Physician; Chicago, IL; Mother of 4 Current Warriors & Class of 1988

    “Greatest school ever and I still live in this fabulous parish.  I married the boy around the block, David, Class of 1970.” 

    - Beth Evans O’Rourke; Sales, Marathon Sportswear; Chicago, IL; Class of 1973

    "I am who I am because of St. Cajetan and the members of the St. Cajetan family. St. Cajetan will always be home. 
    It is an honor to be a Warrior!"

    - Tracy McNally Moriarty; Elementary Special Education Teacher; Woodridge, IL; 
    Class of 1988

    “My oldest daughter will be a Warrior next year.  I’m so proud to be a Warrior, and so proud to raise our children in such a wonderful parish.”

    - Karen Schumacher Finnin; Chicago Public School Teacher; Chicago, IL; Class of 1991

    “For as long as I can remember, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I had great experiences with many from Cajetan including Mrs. Powers, Ms. Duh, Mrs. Bisch and Mrs. Kirk. When I left Cajetan, I knew that I wanted to pursue my career in Catholic education, and be a teacher like the role models that I listed. It was also through working with the youth group and Mrs. Peggy Blake that inspired me to continue to make service an important aspect in my life and provide opportunities with my students to impact the world around them. I am eternally grateful for the lessons and encouragement I received during my elementary years at Cajetan!”

    - Kate Santine Dean; Catholic Middle School Teacher; Dubuque, IA; Class of 1996

    “I married a Martyrs boy but to this day still rely on my Cajetan Family who has always been there for us!”

    - Katie McNally Fitzmauruce; Attorney; Naperville, IL; Class of 1991

    “Every challenge I’ve faced in life has been easier to manage having been through Mrs. Swearingen’s obstacle course.”

    -Pat McGann; Stand-Up Comedian; Chicago, IL; Class of 1990

    "My time at St. Cajetan prepared me intellectually, spiritually, and morally. As a high school teacher, I use many of the skills and lessons I learned as an adolescent with my students today. I am proud and excited for my son to begin his education at St. Cajetan in the upcoming years."

    -Pat O'Brien; High School English Teacher & Father of a Future Warrior; Chicago, IL; Class of 1997 

    "Life has a tendency to take twists and turns, expected and unexpected. My schooling at St. Cajetan set me on a path that could handle the curves and unexpected detours of life.  Life is not linear, but my career has been an upward climb thanks to what I learned early in life. As owner and president of a successful insurance agency in Connecticut, I thank my education and my Dad for teaching me the values that make for a successful life and career."

    Teri Walsh; Sachs Walsh Insurance; Fairfield, CT; Class of 1969


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