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    6th grade courses with descriptions:
    Religion: (Ms. Kyler)
    This year we are using the series, We Believe. Your child will study the roots of
    our faith found in the Old Testament, as well as a study of morality that is woven in throughout
    the text. Some topics covered will by the Bible as God’s word, the goodness of God’s creation,
    and the coming of the kingdom of God. In addition, they will attend mass to reinforce their
    Catholic identity. As a supplement, your child will also be learning the reasons for the various
    parts of the mass and lives of the saints, including Saint Cajetan. We will also study religion in
    the world.
    Math: (Mrs. Harmening)
    The GO MATH series includes various topics. These topics include problem solving and reasoning skills, as well as the basic standards for school mathematics. We will also be using the i-Ready math computer program. This program allows students to work at his/her own pace and gives each student immediate reinforcement and differentiation.
    Social Studies: (Mrs. Gill)
    We will explore many ancient worlds, including Egypt, Rome, Greece, China, and India. We will be working on various projects and reports to have a better understanding of our world’s history.

    Vocabulary: (Ms. Kyler)

    We will be using a Sadlier series named Vocabulary Workshop which teaches vocabulary in context with  texts to build and expand on vocabulary learning. The series teaches a variety of strategies for acquiring new vocabulary and helps students understand figurative language, word relationships, and  incorporating the terms in spoken language.
    Reading: (Mrs. Krillic) 
     We will be using Scholastic Scope magazines this is a great resource for our students and really engages them in the various texts. In addition to the many short stories we will read, we will also reading several novels. We will also being using on online program called "i-ready" to further supplement our curriculum. Through our reading, we will work on literacy devices to better understand and begin reading on a deeper, more analytical level.
    Language Arts: (Mrs. Dokianos)
    This year we will focus on grammar and writing. We will be 
    looking at different types of writing, including narrative, persuasive, expository, descriptive, poetry, and creative writing. We will be doing journal work continuously throughout the year for practice with writing. We will also be studying the various aspects of grammar. 
    Science: (Ms. Medrano) 
    This year we will be using the series, Science Explorer, which concentrates on earth 
    and Climate, and Astronomy.
    science. We will be covering Inside Earth, Earth’s Changing Surface, Earth’s Waters, Weather Students will be working on several projects to enhance their learning of a variety of scientific concepts. We will be exploring the scientific method this year 
    as well.