Kindergarten Language Arts Goals

    o    Write and recognize first and last name

    o    Express themselves in complete sentences

    o    State name, birthday, phone number, and address

    o    Recognize upper and lower case letters

    o    Print upper and lower case letters

    o    Identify the beginning and ending letter in words

    o    Able to identify letter sounds and produce letter sounds

    o    Rhyme

    o    Read sight words (i.e in, for can, etc)

    o    Read three to four word sentences

    o    Create and write sentences

    o    Read kindergarten level books

    o    Retell story in sequential order

    o    Answer basic comprehension questions of a story, and identify character, setting, and main idea

    Kindergarten Math Goals

    o    Recognize and draw eight basic shapes

    o    Count to 100

    o    Write numbers to 100

    o    Complete patterns

    o    Compare numbers

    o    Solve addition and subtraction problems within 10, by using objects or drawings to represent the problem