1. Template for Book Reports

      This is the template for book reports.  All responses should be on a 
      separate piece of paper typed and free of spelling and grammatical errors.  
      All responses should also be detailed and well thought out.  Half-hearted and 
      lazy answers will not be accepted.  All book report responses will have a 
      minimum of five sentences in each answer.
      Include the following:

      *Number of pages.

      1.List the main characters with a detailed description for each.

      2.Describe the setting of the story.

      3.  What is the author’s mood and tone of the story?  Give detailed
      descriptions with examples from the story.

      4.  Describe the rising action of the story in detail.

      5.  Describe the falling action of the story in detail.

      6.  What is the conclusion of the story?

      7.  Write three character traits of the main character in detail with examples 
      from the story.

      8.  If you could meet the author, what questions would you ask him/her about 
      your book.

      9.  Do you think the author wrote this book from his/her imagination alone, or 
      was research involved? Elaborate and be specific!

      10.  Would you recommend this book? Why or why not, be specific and elaborate 
      on your reasoning.